Customer tosses tray with eggs at Toast Box staff because they weren't cracked open for her

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Update on April 2:

Toast Box has spoken to staff to 'ensure her well-being' after customer tossed tray with eggs at her

Original article:

The people around her were shell-shocked by her behaviour.

A woman was caught on camera at a Toast Box counter angrily tossing a tray with saucers of eggs at the staff.

She was apparently unhappy that the eggs were not cracked open for her.

After seeing a video of the incident online, a Stomper said: "The lady was disrespectful to the staff in a dispute over half-boiled eggs.

"She took it too far. She threw the tray back, demanding to be 'spoon-fed' everything as if the half-boiled eggs needed to be cracked open when served to her. Not all places do that for the customer."


Incident happen at toast box, unknown location in Singapore. Karen shows disrespectful to the operator over the counter...

Posted by District Singapore on Thursday, March 30, 2023


The two-minute video shows the bespectacled customer holding up a phone throughout the encounter.

After being served two eggs on two saucers stacked together on a tray, she asked in Mandarin for the eggs to be cracked open for her.

The Toast Box staff member responded by placing a teaspoon on the saucers, presumably for the customer to crack open the eggs herself.

The customer angrily flicked the tray at the staff member and repeated that she wanted the eggs cracked open for her. This startled a man waiting in the queue behind her.

The staff member pointed out to the customer that there were witnesses and mentioned calling the police. The customer tossed another tray on the counter at the staff member and kept asking for her eggs.

When she was eventually given the cracked-open eggs on a saucer, she used a teaspoon to examine them and complained about water in the eggs.

A staff member can be heard directing the customer away from the counter before the video ends.

Stomp has contacted Toast Box for more info.