Stomper shocked after finding 'so little filling' inside red bean bun that cost $3.70

Submitted by Stomper Aries

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Most of us are visual creatures so it is not surprising to be lured into buying something based on a well-taken photograph.

However, one Stomper was disappointed after finding the red bean bun her friend had purchased looked nothing like how it was advertised.

Stomper Aries told Stomp that her friend had bought the red bean bun, or Hokkaido An Pan, from Boulangerie Asanoya at Queen Street for $3.70.

She shared a photo of the inside of the bun which had a thin layer of red bean paste in it.

It looked vastly different from how it was presented online.

"It looks sooooooo different from what was given," she said.

"Our family was so shocked.

"Their response was: 'Uh premium price the bread filling like that only ah? Which bakery you bought from? Next time don't buy again from them.'

"I hope that by posting this, others can reconsider before purchasing their bread from there."