Boon Lay residents forced to keep doors and windows shut 24/7 due to strong stench of cat urine

Submitted by Stomper Xiao

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For almost five years, Boon Lay residents have been enduring the pungent smell of cat urine.

Stomper Xiao shared with Stomp that his neighbour at Block 188 Boon Lay Drive allegedly has more than 10 cats.

"One cat's urine is bad enough, this family is keeping more than 10!" he said.

"Every six months, we neighbours take turns to shut our doors and windows 24/7."

The Stomper added that he has reported the matter to 'all agencies and different MPs' but the problem persists.

"We are seeking Stomp's help to create awareness and also to stress the authorities to settle this problem which is affecting our daily routines and wellbeing."

In response to a Stomp query, the West Coast Town Council said: "Ensuring the well-being of our residents is our priority.

"We have deployed our conservancy workers to clean the affected corridor areas daily."

The town council added that it also works closely with relevant agencies like the Housing Development Board (HDB) and the Cat Welfare Society to address such community issues.