Serangoon North resident hurls vulgarities, kicks neighbour's gate and tells them to 'be quiet'

Submitted by Stomper X

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A Serangoon North resident has been harassing his neighbours because he believes they aren't 'quiet' enough.

Stomper X shared that his neighbour has pointed his middle finger at his family and hurled vulgarities at them almost every time he passes by their unit.

He also kicks and hits their gate whenever he hears them talking in their own home.

"This has been going on for five to six months," said the Stomper.

"When we asked him why he pointed his middle finger at us, he asked us if we had evidence that he did.

"When we asked him why he hit our gate and pointed out we weren't talking about him, he said it doesn't matter and that when he walks past, we must be quiet.

"We try to ask, why must we be quiet? This is our house, this is our freedom."

X said he finally got approval from his town council to install a camera to record his neighbour's 'horrible behaviour' and captured the man kicking their gate, making it fly open.