Eunos resident dumping adult diapers along corridor daily until it's 'full of stinky urine smell'

Submitted by Stomper Jonathan

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A man has raised a stink over his neighbour's incriminate dumping of adult diapers along the common corridor at Block 1 Eunos Crescent.

Stomper Jonathan said this is a daily occurrence that has caused a stench to fill the area.

He shared photos of litter in red plastic bags dumped along the sixth-floor corridor, which also appears cluttered with potted plants, wooden furniture, rugs and a personal mobility device (PMD).

Jonathan told Stomp: "Kindly assist as my neighbour throws their used adult diapers at the common corridor daily. The walkway is full of stinky urine smell.

"My whole family and I have been sick since November 2023 till now, February 2024.

"I have contacted Marine Parade Town Council and the National Environment Agency (NEA) but to no avail.

"I strongly need suggestions and solutions to this selfish behaviour."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokeswoman for Marine Parade Town Council said it is aware of the issue raised and has been conducting regular visits to ensure the area is clean.

"We will continue to engage the resident to advise them accordingly and will follow up closely on this matter," the spokeswoman added.

"We wish to take the opportunity to advise residents against disposing of their rubbish in common areas, as it could attract pests."

Residents are also encouraged to contact Marine Parade Town Council at 1800-241 6487 or 1800-287 6530, or via its Facebook and Instagram should they require any assistance.

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