Being a supervisor of a coffee shop in Yishun does not stop this guy from cleaning tables

Submitted by Stomper Ah Boy

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Being a coffee shop supervisor does not hinder this man from performing additional duties. 

Stomper Ah Boy goes to a coffee shop, called Choh Dee Place, at 233 Yishun Street 21 every day for his meals.

He noticed that in the past month, the supervisor of the coffee shop has been helping to clean tables apart from his usual duties of tending to the drinks stall. 

Ah Boy was at the coffee shop again on Wednesday (July 10). It was already past midnight when he saw the supervisor begin helping a cleaner who was still busy cleaning tables. 

Ah Boy told Stomp that the supervisor is new and has only been at the coffee shop for about a month. 

He added that the supervisor started helping the cleaners with their duties after he had only been there for a few days. 

Apart from helping out at night, Ah Boy said that the supervisor also helps to clear dishes and wipe tables during busy hours. 

Ah Boy said: "I feel that he deserves compliments, he is a good example as a superior."

He also mentioned that he sees a female cleaner working non-stop every day and cleaning very thoroughly. 

He told Stomp: "I am a regular patron of this coffee shop and I witness their effort. 

"Even I am paiseh, so I never leave a mess at the table.

"Hope the company can see this and compliment them on their hard work. Kudos to both!"