Silvercab driver who picked up litter gets Stomp Goody Bag: 'Some people laugh at me'

For 66-year-old Silvercab driver Helen Kim Gum-Suk, picking up litter while waiting in a queue for passengers is second nature.

Facebook user Wincent Chua told Stomp he saw Helen picking up litter with chopsticks at Changi Airport Terminal 4 on June 2.

In an interview with Stomp on Tuesday (June 25), Helen said: "If I carried on with my pleasure, one day all our resting places will be clean."

Helen shared with Stomp that she cannot stand it when rubbish is not disposed of properly. 

She delights in making sure that the area is clean so she will feel comfortable while waiting for passengers.

Helen said: "Wincent told me he was going to put it on Facebook but I feel it's really a small issue, not a big deal."

Even though she is doing a good deed by cleaning up, Helen has had her fair share of difficulties.

She told Stomp: "Some of the drivers would wind down their windows and say things to me or laugh at me.

"Some people would say things like: 'Oh this is your job, I'll give you a present' and throw rubbish out of their window."

Helen was full of smiles when she was awarded with a Stomp Goody Bag.

When asked about how she felt being on Stomp, she said: "This is really nothing. I had nothing to do sitting down there, why don't I pick up some litter?

"Once I've decided to pick up litter and the place has become clean and nice, then I'm happy."