Bedok resident expresses frustration over those who 'freeze' lifts on their levels

Submitted by Stomper Mohd

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Mohd is frustrated by residents who hold the lifts at his block for a long time, hence inconveniencing users on other levels.

According to him, residents on the upper floors sometimes hold the lifts on their levels for two minutes or more, while those staying on the lower storeys have no choice but to wait.

The Bedok North resident told Stomp:

"Some residents are very selfish by holding the lifts on their levels for long period of time, which generally affects other users.

"Please summon for the lift only when you are ready and at the lift lobby.

"Do not place a stopper in between the lift doors or freeze it at your level.

"Lifts are meant to convenience us in moving from high to low floors and vice versa.

"Hopefully, residents can have a more compassionate mindset so that we can have a cohesive environment."