Neighbour from hell keeps giving family problems -- and even pours bleach on their laundry

Submitted by Stomper Wendy

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Wendy alerted Stomp to an inconsiderate neighbour staying on the third storey of Ang Mo Kio Block 612 who poured bleach on her family's laundry at around 10am on Wednesday (Apr 26).

Wendy, who stays on the second storey, said she saw what looked like water droplets falling onto her clothes. Curious, she took a peek upward, and she said she felt a burning sensation on her face after some of the droplets fell onto her.

Said the Stomper:

"We have been tolerating this nonsense from her since 2016. We have tried speaking nicely to her but she will not listen.

"She used to be friendly towards us but because of one incident, her attitude changed.

"My neighbour kept chopping her vegetables very loudly. My two-year-old niece couldn't sleep so I approached her and spoke nicely to her but she just started scolding us.

"Whenever she sees me or my mother outside she will scold us all sorts of names. 

"I really cannot tolerate her anymore because she poured bleach down. Now my clothes that were hanging out to dry have little dots of bleach splashed on them. 

"My niece is just a child and her skin will get rashes from this. If this happens to her children, I wonder what she will say.

"Yesterday (Apr 27), she also hung her wet clothes out and they were dripping water. I couldn't hang my clothes outside."

Check out the video Wendy contributed.