Hougang resident washes air-con compressor, causes water to spray into neighbour's home

Submitted by Stomper Ng

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Ng is annoyed by a neighbour's constant inconsiderate habits, such as shouting at the top of her voice at ungodly hours and throwing things out of her window.

The resident stays directly above Ng's unit at Block 965 Hougang Avenue.

Ng has been tolerating her neighbour's behaviour but chose to confront her today (May 17), after the latter crossed the line by causing water to drip into the Stomper's home while she was washing her air conditioner compressor.

Ng also filmed a video of the incident, which occurred at about 12.45pm.

In a phone interview, she told Stomp:

"The woman rented a place here.

"She would shout at the top of the voice at midnight and disturb everyone's sleep. Previously, she yelled at another family who threw something out of their unit, causing everyone to wake up at 1am.

"Today is the first time I confronted her because she was using a hose to spray water and wash her aircon compressor, causing a lot of water to enter my unit.

"I told her off but she retorted that she had already told everyone to close their windows and keep their laundry. However, I did not hear anything about it from her."

According to Ng, the woman had also previously tossed things out of her window despite being told not to.