Bukit Batok East resident makes common area 'private' by leaving bulky items around

Stomper Peter is frustrated over how the common area on the fifth storey of Block 269 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4 is being cluttered with a host of bulky items.

In an email, the Stomper said that a resident has been inconveniencing others by placing the items along the corridor and staircase landing.

A photo Peter took on Jul 23 at around 7pm shows chairs, pails, a metal shelf and cardboard boxes at the staircase landing.

Another photo shows the corridor lined with other items that include a plastic cupboard and several boxes.

According to the Stomper, this has been going on for years and he hopes that something can be done about it.

Said Peter:

"One of the neighbours has been placing things at the common area (making it a private area for himself), which is obstructing everyone staying there and making safety a big concern."