Would you pay $8.10 for this meal at coffee shop? Man finds it 'ridiculous' and 'desperate'

Submitted by Stomper John

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A diner was shocked to be charged $8.10 for his brunch at a coffee shop in Geylang .

Stomper John said he visited the mixed vegetables rice stall at Aljunied 119 Food House on Sunday (Nov 7), at around 10am.

The Stomper was shocked by the price of his meal, which consisted of a plate of mee hoon, cabbage, an egg and a fried chicken chop.

John said: "The chicken chop is priced at $3.50. It is more expensive than at other stalls but with cost of living increasing (especially the past two years), I have to accept that.

"However, the cabbage, egg and mee hoon cost $4.60, which is ridiculous. $5 can get you a combination of five to six items at other stalls.

"I questioned the staff, but they told me that the price was correct.

"How desperate can one get during the Covid-19 period?"