Putien clarifies Stomper's feedback about bee hoon order

Putien has responded to feedback from a Stomper about his fried bee hoon order from the restaurant.

Putien clarified that its Marina Bay Sands outlet is not on the Deliveroo platform, and that the seaweed and peanuts for its Heng Hwa bee hoon are packed separately.

"The article has brought to our attention with regards to our food presentation and taste quality of our takeaway dishes. Putien aims to provide good quality ingredients and flavours for all our diners," said Putien.

"This review adds to our insights on customer’s experiences and allows us to strive for improvement. However, we would like to clarify two points made in the article that may cause misunderstanding to Stomp readers."

The Stomper had written in a Nov 10 article: "From Marina Bay Sands, the Putien bee hoon is priced at $12, one size only. No discount. Delivery is over $5 from Deliveroo."

Putien said: "Our outlet at Marina Bay Sands does not serve orders on the Deliveroo platform. Our fried Heng Hwa bee hoon is priced at $11.60 on other delivery platforms such as Foodpanda, Grab and Oddle that’s available for order from our Marina Bay Sands outlet."

The Stomper had also written that there was "no peanut, no seaweed, two prawns and very little clams" in his Putien bee hoon.

Putien said: "We pack our Putien Heng Hwa bee hoon seaweed and peanuts separately in case they turn soggy if packed with the main dish. Based on the contributor’s photo, the seaweed is provided in his order of our fried Heng Hwa bee hoon.

"It is also possible that the contributor did not notice another container for the peanuts, which may not be included in the picture."