Customer and Sembawang stall vendor argue over whether bee hoon is soup or dry

Submitted by Stomper A

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A man's Christmas Eve turned sour after he got into an argument with a food stall vendor over his order.

Stomper A said the incident occurred at Sun Plaza's Koufu food court last Friday afternoon (Dec 24).

He recounted: "I ordered two boxes of Putian Fried Bee Hoon from the Ban Mian & Fish Soup stall for my mum and myself, since that's her favourite.

"When the staff member packed my order for takeaway, I noticed that something was wrong. I told her this wasn't the correct order that I had paid for.

"I told her I had ordered Putian Fried Bee Hoon, which is dry. Not soup.

"The staff member took a look and she answered me back, 'This is fried bee hoon, this is dry, correct.'

"Kindly look at the picture which I took. Which part of it looks like it's fried or bee hoon? It's obviously noodles and soup."

Here are close-up images of the food that A received:

The Stomper added: "The auntie kept arguing with me and saying repeatedly, 'Little bit soup never mind one.'

"I find it ridiculous to believe that's how they operate a store and treat their customers. I would say this is definitely not something I expect on Christmas Eve."

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