Baby monkey ends up stranded on 8th-floor ledge at Sengkang block

Submitted by Stomper Angie

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A monkey was stranded on a ledge outside an eighth-floor unit at Block 338A Anchorvale Crescent on Saturday evening (Mar 28).

Stomper Angie spotted the animal from her own home opposite the block at about 7.30pm that day and told Stomp she believed it was a baby monkey.

On Sunday (Mar 29) at about 8.15am, she was surprised to see it was still there.

"It had climbed from the eighth to tenth floor the night before and rested there the whole night.

"It tried looking down a few times but seemed scared and began to climbed up to the ledge again to wait."

Angie told Stomp that she and her neighbours alerted the relevant authorities to the situation.

She told Stomp the monkey managed to climb down and ran back to the forest later on Sunday.

"Luckily, it's safely back home now," she said.

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