Police called in over monkey minding its own business at Bukit Batok bus stop

Submitted by Stomper Sue

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The police were alerted after a monkey was spotted at a bus stop near Block 231 Bukit Batok East Avenue 5 at about 6pm on Tuesday (Dec 10).

Stomper Sue was waiting for a bus to go to a hair salon when she noticed a few passers-by stopping and looking at something.

She contributed photos of what she saw and told Stomp: "I didn't realise that there was a monkey. 

"I got to know that my bus was reaching in about one minute, so I stood up and saw the monkey near a corner of the bus stop.

"That's when I saw two police officers arriving at the scene before I boarded a bus.

"After I was done at the hair salon, I returned back to the bus stop and saw no monkey nor police officers in the area.

"I think it probably got caught or went into a forested area in the vicinity.

"I was quite shocked to see the monkey at the bus stop. 

"It was so near people and I was afraid it would jump onto someone.

"What an experience it was!"

Stomp understands that the monkey didn't injure anyone and it entered a forested area nearby.