Awning of Jurong East coffeeshop collapses during heavy rainfall

Submitted by Stomper Jonathan

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The awning of Choice@215, a coffeeshop at Block 215, Jurong East Street 21, came crashing down during a downpour at around 4pm yesterday (Jun 28).

Stomper Jonathan alerted Stomp to the incident and sent in some photos taken at the scene. 

The awning, which appeared to have been completely dislodged, had fallen on top of some tables and chairs outside the coffeeshop. 

Stomp understands from passers-by that patrons had moved into the coffeeshop just before the awning came crashing down, because it was raining. 

Because of that, there was no one seated at the tables outside the coffeeshop when the awning fell on them. 

Stomp understands that no one was injured in the incident.