Auk-ward: Bird makes nest along Bukit Panjang corridor -- only for eggs to be stolen by crow

Submitted by Stomper Gowrie

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A bird made a comfy nest along a Housing Board (HDB) corridor in Bukit Panjang, only for its eggs to get stolen by a crow.

Stomper Gowrie said the bird had made a home among some plants along her fourth-floor corridor at Block 212 Petir Road.

She told Stomp: "My neighbours have a lot of plants and this beautiful bird made a nest here, though I can't tell what species it is."

The lovely sight did not last long, however.

Gowrie, who sent photos of the bird and its nest, said: "Sadly, the eggs have been stolen.

"My neighbours said they saw a crow stealing the eggs last Tuesday (Apr 7).

"We tried looking out for the mother bird but couldn't find her anymore as well. We felt bad that we couldn't help much."

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