Arrested: Man who stole woman's bag with $10 cash at Geylang Road coffee shop

A man who was caught on camera stealing a woman's handbag while she was having lunch has been arrested, the police told Stomp in an updated statement on Tuesday (Dec 25).

Stomper Anonymous, whose girlfriend is the owner of the bag, alerted Stomp to the incident that occurred at the Alwadi coffee shop along Geylang Road on Dec 22.

CCTV footage shows the man loitering behind Anonymous' girlfriend, picking up her bag, and then walking off with it.

Anonymous told Stomp that the bag contained his girlfriend's wallet, which had her IC, bank cards and $10 cash inside.

The police said that they received a report of a theft from person at 3.30pm on the day of the incident and arrested a 59-year-old man in relation to the case.

After learning of the development, Anonymous said: "Thank you very much for your help, Stomp."

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