Army medic and his nurse wife help passenger who fainted outside toilet on SIA flight

A Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) medic and his wife, who is a nurse, were commended for their quick reflexes in providing assistance to an unconscious man on board a flight they were on on Friday (July 6).

The couple had examined the passenger's consciousness level and vital signs upon noticing his collapse.

ME1 Lam Guo Wei, a Medical Vocational Instructor from SAF Medical Training Institute, and his wife Ms Chia were on the route to Japan when they noticed that a man had collapsed unconscious outside the toilet just behind their seats, according to a post on The Singapore Army's Facebook page.

Being medical professionals, the couple immediately sprung into action as they assessed the passenger's medical state and brought him to a more spacious part of the plane so that it was easier for them to work in.

With a Singapore Airlines (SQ) Flight Attendant as a translator, they asked him questions about his medical history.

After the passenger's condition stabilised, a Japanese doctor on board the same plane came by to check on him as well.

After ME1 Lam updated the doctor on their medical actions and findings, the latter deduced that no emergency landing was required.

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ME1 Lam said: "This was the second time I've encountered a casualty on board a commercial flight.

"Since my wife and I are medically trained and qualified to aid someone, we did not hesitate to step forward.” 

Another Facebook user, John Lin, had also shared his account of the incident.

He even compared the incident to an American medical drama series, "ER".