NSF who helped ah ma cross road feels 'quite loved' by praise: "Don't just be you, be more"

Lance corporal (LCP) Kyler Sng knew he had to do something after he came across an old woman lugging a trolley at a pedestrian crossing along River Valley Road at 6.25pm on Friday (July 6). 

Knowing that the old lady would not be able to make it across the traffic junction on time, the 22-year-old Admin Support Assistant from HQ 2 People Defense Force (HQ 2 PDF) military camp assisted by stopping traffic to grant her more time.

Stomp carried the story in an earlier report, and reached out to the Ministry of Defence for more information. 

LCP Kyler told Stomp in an interview that the granny was a familiar face as they always crossed paths between 6pm to 6.30pm daily, as he made his way home. 

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Said LCP Kyler:

“I had to abide by my own moral code and assist her by stopping traffic, to ensure her safety when crossing.

“We never know if drivers are fully alert of their surroundings.

“She usually walks very slowly and on that particular day, I noticed that the timer for the traffic light indicated 10 seconds left to complete crossing.

"However, she had only managed to cross a quarter of the way.

“Looking around, I just had to turn back and help her.”

A passerby managed to capture a photo of LCP Kyler in his No. 4 uniform while he was helping the old woman.

The photo was then shared on various Facebook pages and went viral, even spawning several memes as netizens heaped praises upon him for the kind deed. 

When asked how he felt about the netizens’ compliments, LCP Kyler said:

“I felt quite loved and appreciated by all the heart-warming praises. Thank you so much.

“As for how I feel about the memes, well... I would say that I’m quite surprised by them.

“I never knew that an act of kindness could spread so quickly.

“Some of the memes are quite well made. I really like them, they are hilarious.”

He also addressed comments by a few netizens suggesting that he could have done more to help the old woman. 

The modest soldier acknowledged that he too felt that he could have done more:

“For this incident, I guess I could have helped the old lady with her trolley bag. However, my priority then was her safety.

“I have to acknowledge that some of the netizens’ comments were quite negative.  However, I will still respect everyone’s opinion because every individual is entitled to their own opinions.”

LCP Kyler also shared how he was guided by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) core values in this instance.

He elaborated on these values:

"Leadership – To take charge and manage the flow of traffic to enable the elderly lady to cross safely.

"Ethics - I felt that it was the right thing to do. It’s always good to help one another in times of need.

"Safety - Ensure safety of the elderly."

LCP Kyler clearly espoused qualities when he stopped to take charge of the situation. 

Lastly, he also had a message to share:

“An act of kindness goes a long way. Don’t just be you, be more.”

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