Are these PMD riders on the road in Sembawang courting death?

Submitted by Stomper James

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No helmets, going at high speeds and riding on the road despite it being illegal.

Two youths were caught on camera behaving recklessly while riding their personal mobility devices (PMD) along Woodlands Avenue 10 towards Sembawang Way on August 22.

Sharing a video of the incident, Stomper James said: "These are the kinds of road users who disregard their own safety and those of other road users.

"It is known that they are not supposed to use the road. They were also riding at high speeds without helmets. One minor bump with a vehicle and their lives will be over.

"I hope the authorities will take action on these individuals and I'm sure their loved ones will appreciate that too."

Under the Active Mobility Act, PMDs are not allowed on the road.