Another Ryde passenger charged $5 waiting fee after driver goes to wrong pick-up location

Submitted by Stomper wl

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A Ryde passenger was frustrated after getting charged an extra $5 for a 'waiting time' fee despite the driver going to the wrong pick-up location.

Stomper WL had booked a ride on July 29 from Block 671A Yishun Avenue 4 to Jurong West.

However, in the app, the driver was seen waiting at Block 675A instead.

WL told Stomp that what happened to him was similar to an incident reported by Stomp earlier this month where a passenger felt 'cheated' after getting charged $5 because the driver also went to the wrong pick-up point.

In the end, he was charged a total fare of $33 for the ride.

"This happened just one block away from the earlier report," said WL.

In an email seen by Stomp, Ryde apologised and offered the Stomper a voucher code worth $5.30 to cover the waiting time charge and platform fee.

However, WL wanted the refund to be credited to the credit card he had used to pay for the ride.

"Ryde refused to refund me to the original payment method and only refunded its credit voucher despite my request that this is an overcharge and I do not want a voucher," he said.