Husband mad Ryde driver asks woman passenger: 'Any chance I could add you on Tele/Insta?'

Submitted by Stomper Koh

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A man alleged that his wife was hit on by a Ryde driver who drove her home on Tuesday evening (July 25).

The company told Stomp the driver has since been suspended.

Stomper Koh shared a screenshot of an online chat where the driver asked his wife whether he could add her on Telegram or Instagram.

This was after the driver messaged her to ask whether she left something behind in his vehicle.

The husband also claimed that the driver ended the trip on the Ryde app more than an hour after dropping off his wife so that the driver could use the app to continue chatting with her.

"She started the ride at 7.19pm and reached home at 7.57pm, but the driver only chose to end the trip at 9:04pm, using the Ryde chat to hit on my wife," said the Stomper.

"He chose not to end the ride for quite some time while waiting for her reply. Using this kind of tactic to get girls' social media for his own personal use is not professional."

The Stomper added they have reported the incident to Ryde.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Ryde said: "We have thoroughly investigated the feedback provided by the rider concerning the recent incident.

"The safety and well-being of our community are of utmost importance to us, and we take any deviation from our community standards very seriously. We want to emphasise that we consistently educate our driver-partners to ensure that they adhere to our community standards.

"Through our Code of Conduct, we have actively educated our driver-partners that harassment of any kind is not tolerated, and contacting their passengers after the trip for personal reasons is strictly prohibited. Such education is disseminated to our driver-partners through emailers and on Telegram.

"Despite these efforts, it is regrettable that the driver involved in this particular incident did not comply with our standards. Necessary actions have been taken in response to this matter, including imposing a suspension on the driver-partner.

"We also reached out to the affected passenger to address the situation appropriately.

"Please rest assured that we remain fully committed to maintaining the highest level of service and safety for all our users."