Passenger feels 'cheated' after getting charged $5 because driver went to wrong pick-up point

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A customer felt 'cheated' and frustrated after she was charged a $5 waiting time fee because a Ryde driver went to the wrong pick-up point.

A Stomper shared with Stomp that she booked a ride from Block 672A Yishun Avenue 4 to Block 182A Woodlands Street 13 on July 2 at 12.28am.

She ended up paying a total of $18.40 for the ride.

"I was waiting at the pick-up point and he went to the wrong place," she said.

"I even had to text him to tell him that I was at the pick-up point.

"He took some time to pick me up and charged me $5 without telling me.

"I know I was not late and that the driver took a long time to turn back and purposely charged me.

"I was so pissed off.

"I wrote back that I was really angry and gave feedback to Ryde but have not received a response.

"The driver should inform the passenger beforehand to charge if the passenger is really at fault.

"I think Ryde should have a feedback hotline and investigate this matter as it can happen to any passenger without knowing it.

"This is not my first time booking Ryde and I know the charges but it is my first time being charged extra when I am not late."