Grab user pays extra $8 to pre-book ride so that he won't be late for work, but driver's late anyway

Submitted by Stomper David

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He could not be late.

A Grab user is frustrated that after he paid an extra $8 to pre-book a ride so that he would be punctual for work, the driver was tardy anyway.

In the end, Stomper David had to cancel the booking and book another ride, causing him to be late.

He recounted: "On June 6, I had work which started promptly at 8.45am for which I strictly could not be late or else I would delay the entire operation.

"Thus I booked a Grab via the pre-book feature on June 5 at 11pm and paid the extra $8 dollars as the booking fee. My booking was quickly accepted by Driver A.

"He was to come at 8.30am for the short 10-minute trip which would have allowed me to be on time.

"That morning, I wrongly assumed that the driver would be on time. Thus I did not check my phone until 8.28am.

"That was when I saw that Driver A was still in Tuas! Over 15 minutes away."

The Stomper, who was waiting in Jurong West, shared a screenshot of the message from the driver, who said he would be late by eight minutes.

"Driver A texted, saying he had another booking which caused him to be late. I could not wait, so I had to cancel the booking and make a new one. That caused me to be late for my work," said the Stomper.

"I complained to Grab Support, and all they gave was a standard templated reply."

The Stomper also shared a screenshot of the reply from Grab.

"It was simply ridiculous. I paid the extra money as I COULD NOT BE LATE," reiterated the Stomper.