Andie Chen and Kate Pang leave Mediacorp

Singapore celebrity couple Andie Chen and Kate Pang have left Mediacorp to focus on their online channel Kandie Family.

Andie wrote about starting the new chapter in his career in a statement on Nov 1:

"Most of my 10 years in acting, I was attached to the company. They have given me a start in my career, a channel to explore my passions and most importantly they played a big part in the formation of my family. For these reasons and more, I’ll forever be grateful, and I am happy to be moving on to the next stage of my career with their blessings.
"The end of my contract is by no means an end to my relationship with Mediacorp, we are still working on projects currently and will be working together regularly in the future.
"I have always placed my growth as an artist as the top priority in every career decision I make. This means making unique and seemingly illogical career choices at times. Setting up my own company will give me the freedom to pursue projects that I am passionate about and I believe this is the only way an artist can reach his full potential.
"I look forward to challenging myself in the days ahead with projects on stage, online, film and television. Not only as a performer, but also a producer and director.
"I want to end with a final thank you to Mediacorp for the decade of opportunities and friendship."

Andie and Kate's YouTube channel currently has over 15,000 subscribers and their videos have garnered over 2,000,000 views. They also have a Facebook page with over 95,000 followers.

Ms Georgina Chang, Head of The Celebrity Agency said: “Kate and Andie are an extremely talented couple. We’ve enjoyed working with them and will continue to work with them on an ad-hoc basis. They are true artistic souls and stay authentic to their beliefs and passion. I know they will continue to do very well as artistes and I wish them every success.”