Andie Chen told future wife Kate Pang to 'return to Taiwan' on her first day working in S'pore

On her first day of work in Singapore, Kate Pang met her harshest critic: Future husband Andie Chen who told her, ‘Go back to Taiwan!’

Now her seventh year in the industry, Kate Pang recalls how she had cried en route, all the way from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Singapore; the pain of leaving home was too much. 

She said:

“I didn’t know I was this fragile, emotionally.

“I had always been independent, going to Taipei for my studies after secondary school.

“I stayed in Taipei to work after that.

“I even told my mother not to bother sending me off. 

“I was fine… until the moment when the flight took off, I started tearing.”

On her first day in Singapore, she attended the press conference for Channel 5 drama ‘Fighting Spiders’, and it was here she met her future husband, Andie Chen. 

When asked on her first impression of Andie, Kate gushed:

“I thought he was tall and good looking, but I didn't want to bother myself with him as he was irritating.

“He even jokingly told me to get a ticket and fly back to Taiwan.

“I retorted that he was fine here, so I would be too.

“I really couldn't imagine getting married to this person!”

When asked how experienced she was now, Kate said:

“Two years I’ve spent giving birth, so I’m still considered new in the industry.”

She signed a contract with Mediacorp in 2010,  back when she was 27 years of age.

Yet in her first few projects, Kate managed to beat favourites like Romeo Tan and Jeffrey Xu, to clinch the Best Newcomer in the Star Awards. 

Kate also revealed that she had only intended to stay in Singapore for two years, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

Smiling, she said that she had not expected to get married or have a kid here in Singapore. 

Said the star jokingly:

“I really can’t go back to Taiwan now.”