Woman curses man for not wearing mask properly, scolds commuters who told her she's very noisy

Submitted by Stomper Lee

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A woman went on an angry tirade and shouted at commuters on a train.

The trigger? She was upset at a man for not wearing his mask properly.

Stomper Lee witnessed the incident that occurred on the Downtown Line on on Sunday evening (Nov 6), at around 6.45pm.

Lee recounted: "This woman was shouting and swearing at a Bangladesh migrant worker for not wearing his mask properly. She told him to go back to his country. An Indian man brought the worker away but the woman still kept cursing them."

The Stomper started to record a video of the woman's verbal abuse.

Lee said: "A Chinese lady sitting in front of me asked the woman to shut up since that Bangladesh guy (not in the video) had already adjusted his mask properly, but the woman replied that it was none of her business and asked her to get up if she was not happy.

"An Indian girl asked the woman to shut up and stop swearing too, but the woman called her a 'bitch of a bitch'."

In Lee's video, the woman can be heard yelling, "I have to curse him. I curse whoever deserves to be cursed."

When someone tried to intervene by telling her that she had no right to do so, the woman replied, "He's your friend ah?" and "So you have no right to talk to me."

The woman is also seen lashing out at other commuters.

Young Chinese woman: (The migrant worker) knows.

Angry woman: Whether he knows or not, what business of yours is it?

Young Chinese woman: You are talking so loudly, everyone is affected.

Angry woman: If you are affected then you go out lor, it's very simple.

The woman then went on to chide another commuter who said she was "very very noisy".

She can be heard saying, "It doesn't involve you," and, "Ya, you very noisy. You don't talk will be better. You know what's the problem with you people? Very cocky. Ya, you are very cocky. You shut up, ya you shut up, you bitch. Ya, you bitch of a bitch."

Lee told Stomp: "I felt very shocked, then became very mad and upset to see the woman behaving this way. She could have just told that guy nicely to adjust his mask instead of cursing him with bad words.

"The other commuters were so annoyed and felt disturbed to witness this, especially since there were kids in the train."