Abandoned car at International Plaza attracts dust -- and vandals

Submitted by Stomper Romper

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A car parked at International Plaza has attracted not only dust but rude scribbles as well.

Stomper Romper said he spotted the car at around 6pm on Tuesday (May 7) and believes that it has been abandoned for some time.

He added: "The car is so dusty that it caught the attention of vandals who got 'artistic' on it.

Photos contributed by the Stomper show messages such as 'idiot driving', 'please wash your car' and 'police, I'm lost' scribbled on the car.

Romper told Stomp: "The car was parked properly in a lot.

"I do not know how long it has been parked there and it's my first time seeing it, although I haven't been to International Plaza for three weeks.

"I feel strongly against vandalism. I believe the management should help to find the car's owner instead of letting it sit there and collect dust."