$9.50 meal from VivoCity food court has chicken that's raw inside and dripping with oil

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It was a meal painful on both her wallet and stomach.

Stomper Si Han visited Food Republic at VivoCity for dinner on Dec 7, at around 5pm.

She ordered a plate of rice with curry cabbage, fried anchovies and a piece of fried chicken cutlet from the 'Jia Jia Le Cuisine' economy rice stall.

Si Han said: "Not only did the food come exceedingly exorbitant at $9.50, to my horror, the chicken cutlet was raw inside.

"As you can see from the picture, the chicken was still very pink in the middle. The fried chicken was literally dripping with oil as I cut it open."

Si Han felt that staff at the food court stall had "practiced unsanitary procedures" and failed to ensure that food had been cooked thoroughly.

"I did not report this to anyone at the stall because I did not want to cause a commotion at the time," the Stomper added.

"However, this is a potential health hazard waiting to happen and I could have landed in the hospital if I'd consumed the fried chicken.

"I wish for the relevant authorities to take notice of this stall and conduct investigations regarding its food preparation procedures. I would very much like to have this place looked into, especially when the area is a tourist location and as a result food prices here are high."

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