Diner feels conned by $8 mutton steak that looks 'nowhere close' to Yishun stall's signboard

Submitted by Stomper Naji

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

$8 for a side dish from a coffee shop stall seems pretty hefty.

And what Stomper Naji was served didn't even turn out to be worth its price tag.

Naji said he ordered mutton steak from a stall at the S-11 coffee shop at Block 744 Yishun Street 72 on June 14 and was disappointed when he got the actual dish.

He told Stomp: "This is what they call mutton steak. But it's just full of cabbage with some sliced onions, potatoes and minced meat.

"The signboard is nowhere closed to what I received for this side dish. Would you pay $8 for just cabbage and potatoes?

"The staff didn't care about my feedback. He just said this is how it comes and started ignoring me when I asked this question: 'Why did you mention mutton steak in your signboard when you are actually serving minced mutton?'

"It's my second time buying from this stall but I had the same problem the first time. I went back to check if they had improved, but it's still the same.

"I feel like I got scammed. This seems like a new way to scam people. Please don't get scammed."

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