Diner turned off by egg-pensive fried carrot cake: 'Inflation has gone out of control'

Submitted by Stomper Simon

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Price hikes are happening everywhere.

It's even worse when the quality of what you are paying for doesn't justify the increment.

That's exactly what Stomper Simon experienced during his recent visit to Bukit Merah View Market & Hawker Centre.

He ordered a $4 plate of fried carrot cake from a stall that he used to enjoy, but had a less than pleasant meal this time.

A photo that he shared shows how his fried carrot cake came with more flour than egg.

Simon told Stomp on Friday (June 9): "Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the previous owner served a good portion of eggs in the plate. The carrot cake also tasted authentic and cost just $3.

"Now in June 2023, I was thinking about how I might savour it once more.

"But not only is the owner different, the style and taste are also below average. The carrot cake was awful, heavy, burnt and tasteless. It was nothing like carrot cake nor anything close."

Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake currently has a Google rating of 3.9 stars, with mixed reviews.

When it comes to complaints, common sentiments include how standards have dropped over the years, as well as burnt and tasteless food.

Simon, who described his meal as "egg-pensive", added: "Inflation has gone out of control.

"With all the feedback from Singaporeans about exorbitant price hikes plus a drop in quality and reduction of portion sizes, I think we must fight back. Consumers must not be the victim here."