$4.10 for 1 meat, 2 vegetables and no rice? Ridiculous, says Stomper

Submitted by Stomper Mei

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

One would think you could get a cheaper meal if you opted out of having rice but for one Stomper, it was the opposite.

Stomper Mei told Stomp she ordered one meat, two vegetables and no rice from a mixed rice stall at a food court at Techpoint in Ang Mo Kio recently.

She was charged $4.10 for the meal.

"They always serve very small portions of meat and vegetables but this round, it's ridiculous.

"Charged so expensive, I'm never going back to this stall again.

"They are also very unfriendly compared to other stall owners there."

When asked how much she would have been willing to pay for what she was served, Mei said: "The most I can accept is $3.50."

To illustrate her point, she shared a photo of another meal she ordered recently from a coffee shop in Sengkang, this time with rice.

She was only charged $2.70 for this meal.

She said: "Is it nowadays, if don't order with rice, they charge more?"