Elderly couple upset after being charged $2 for plain curry at Little India restaurant

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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An elderly couple were upset when they were charged $2 for curry at a restaurant along Buffalo Road in Little India on Aug 31.

The couple's son shared with Stomp that his parents had visited Al-Abu Restaurant for lunch.

"My elderly parents went over to get a chicken meal at this Indian restaurant," he said.

"They were charged separately for rice, chicken and vegetables and were told they needed to get two eggs because the restaurant does not sell a single egg.

"When my dad checked, he realised that he wasn't given any curry.

"It's common sense that rice meals come with curry, who will give plain rice without any curry?

"To his horror, he was charged $2 for plain chicken curry, just the plain gravy.

"This is the first time I'm hearing of a restaurant in Singapore that charges for plain curry when you buy a rice meal.

"None of the other Singapore Indian shops do this.

"To top it off, the phone number in the receipt is invalid."

The Stomper added that he called a number and purportedly talked to the owner of the restaurant who told him that 'no one gives curry for free in Singapore'.

Stomp has reached out to the restaurant for comment.