3-metre-long monitor lizard goes for a swim at Dairy Farm Nature Reserve

Submitted by Stomper David

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It was a nice cool Thursday evening (Dec 6), when Stomper David and his friends spotted something even cooler.

They saw a three-metre-long monitor lizard swimming freely in a pond at Dairy Farm Nature Park.

David and his friends had made their way to the park to do some light exercise at about 6.15pm.

David said: "We go to the park quite often to jog and stroll.

"We came to a raised podium which overlooked a pond, and were just having a casual conversation.

"That was when I spotted the huge monitor lizard swimming in the water quite close to us.

"I took my phone out to capture a video of the beast."

David told Stomp that there were several other monitor lizards in the distance, but he was not able to take pictures of them.

"This monitor lizard was about three metres long from head to tail.

"My friends and I had not seen such a big lizard before and were in awe of its size.

"There were also other joggers at the podium taking pictures of the lizard.

"We struck up a conversation about monitor lizards and how cool they are."

After a while, David and his friends continued jogging and ended their day with a nice dinner at The Rail Mall.