3 men arrested after fight at Chinatown Point carpark

Three men were arrested after getting into a fight at Chinatown Point's carpark on Feb 9. 

Stomper Alan caught the entire incident on his car's dashboard camera.

In the video, the driver of a car storms towards a van and starts scolding the driver, even reaching into the van to grab a bag and throw it to the ground.

It is unclear what exactly sparked his fury but the van was seen turning right before reversing into a parking lot on the left.

A companion of the van driver then confronted the man in yellow and started punching him before the driver joined in the scuffle, grabbing the man in yellow by the neck and throwing him to the ground.

A police spokesman told Stomp that the police were alerted to the case of affray at 5.29pm.

"Three men aged between 25 and 51 were arrested in relation to the case," he said.

Stomp understands that the 51-year-old man was the one who called the police.

Police investigations are ongoing.