Fight outside ITE campus in Simei: 10 youths arrested for rioting

Ten youths, aged between 16 and 18, have been arrested for their suspected involvement in a case of rioting that occurred along 10 Simei Avenue on Jan 25.

This comes after a video showing a group of uniform-clad students punching and kicking one another surfaced online.

A Stomper had alerted Stomp to the incident, which took place outside ITE College East.

After receiving a report about the fight on Jan 25 at around 12.30pm, the police conducted extensive ground enquiries and established the identity of the suspects, who were arrested the following day (Jan 26).

Police investigations are ongoing.

Anyone convicted in court for the offence of rioting may be punished with an imprisonment term of up to seven years and shall also be liable to caning.

The principal of ITE College East, Dr Yek Tiew Ming, had earlier told Stomp: "We take a serious view of the matter and do not condone such behaviour."

He added that the college is investigating the incident and will be taking the appropriate action to any student found violating the rules.