Drivers go berserk and attack each other at Chinatown Point carpark, one even gets thrown down onto ground

Submitted by Stomper Alan


Three men aged between 25 and 51 were arrested in relation to the case. Read the full story here.

Original Article:

Stomper Alan was at Chinatown Point's carpark when he witnessed a fight between two drivers at around 5.26pm on Feb 9.

He caught the entire incident of what he described as "absurd behaviour" on his car camera and shared it with Stomp.

Alan was waiting to turn right when the driver of the car in front of him suddenly exited his vehicle in a rage to confront a van driver who had turned right only to reverse into a parking lot to the left.

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In the video, the driver in yellow storms towards the van and starts berating the driver, even reaching into the vehicle to grab a bag and throw it to the ground.

A man, believed to be a companion of the van driver, rushes over to confront the man in yellow and starts throwing punches.

Soon the van driver leaps out of his vehicle to join the fight, throwing kicks and punches before grabbing the man by the neck and throwing him to the ground.

Other acquaintances of both drivers rush to break up the fight and they proceed to retreat to their respective vehicles.

However, the driver in yellow then unexplainably drives his vehicle right at a man from the van before jamming his brakes in what appears to be an act of intimidation.

He then turns right and stops a few lots down from the van before the video ends.