$39.70 for 2 plates of nasi padang at Parkway Parade food court is 'daylight robbery': Stomper

Submitted by Stomper TP81

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A pair of diners were shocked when lunching out cost them almost $40.

The kicker? they were dining at Food Republic at Parkway Parade shopping mall, not a cafe or restaurant.

Stomper TP81 said he and his friend had visited the nasi padang stall at the food court last Friday afternoon (July 14) and ordered two plates of rice.

He shared: "It’s crazy how it can costs $39.70 for two plates of nasi padang.

"We did not manage to ask the stall about the pricing as we chose our dishes, paid and got a shock. Not like we can order and get the shop to put the dishes back."

Here's the bill breakdown according to the Stomper's receipt:

Asked how much he thought his meal was supposed to cost, TP81 told Stomp: "For two plates of mix rice, it should be in the range of $12-$15.

"I've visited this stall a couple of times, but this price is crazy. Even with inflation, this should not be the price or how it is charged. It's daylight robbery."

TP81's complaint comes just days after another Stomper expressed surprise at paying $20.30 for nasi padang at Food Republic's Jewel Changi Airport outlet and asked for greater transparency in menu prices.

In response to a Stomp query regarding the July 13 incident, a spokesman for Food Republic said: "Food Republic has been striving to provide quality food options to consumers. We are aware of this and are working closely with our tenant to improve the menu board with clearer price indications."