2 men to be charged for involvement in gang-related activities and 'settlement talk'

Two men, aged 53 and 56, will be charged in court today (March 27) for their involvement in gang-related activities.

Between Sep 28 and Oct 6 in 2016, officers from the Criminal Investigation Department arrested the two men, along with four others, for their suspected involvement in gang-related activities.

The six men were believed to be members of an unlawful society, and involved in a planned “settlement talk” with a rival party.

One of the men, Tan Si Yuan, was convicted and sentenced to a jail term of two months on Jan 31 earlier this year.

Investigations against the remaining three men are still ongoing.

Under Section 14(3) of the Societies Act, Chapter 311, anyone found guilty for being a member of an unlawful society shall be liable to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term of up to three years or to both.

In a news release, the police said they take a stern view of gang-related activities and will continue with their tough enforcement efforts, and come down hard on those who choose to be associated with gangs.

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