Shopee customer gets package with note containing 'dad joke' from delivery driver: 'Made my week'

A woman ordered vitamins from Shopee for a health boost but got a different kind of boost when she received her package.

TikToker Nicole Liel was in the middle of recording a video at home when she was interrupted by a delivery.

So she did what any self-respecting TikToker would do – she made a video of herself getting her package which came with a surprise.

Nicole said into the camera excitedly: "Did anyone else's Shopee parcel come with this, like a note, like a dad joke? Honestly, this made my day. This made my week."

There was a piece of paper with writing on it pasted on top of the package.

She read the note out loud: "What happens when a vegetable takes a photo? Cai.png."

The note also said: "Hope this made you laugh. From your friendly neighbourhood delivery driver."

Laughing, Nicole said: "Wah, this is the most dad jokes of dad jokes.

"Whoever was the one that delivered my Shopee parcel, slay on you. Now not only am I laughing, I'm also very healthy because I got all my vitamin effervescent boost lah."

She took out a tube of Voost multivitamins from the package and showed it at the end of the 36-second video posted on March 15.

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Tagging Shopee Singapore in the caption, Nicole wrote "Yall damn free ah very funny."

Two days later, Shopee Singapore commented on her video: "WAIT WHAT. Brb we are finding the driver RIGHT NOW."

Shopee told Stomp: "We were pleasantly surprised at the thoughtfulness of our Shopee Xpress driver who went the extra mile during his delivery last week. His small but sincere gesture of sharing a joke with our Shopee users not only brought them their parcels but also a smile on their face.”

Apparently, his daughter enjoys similar jokes and he thought customers would too.

If Nicole looks familiar to anyone, it could be because she went viral after last year's National Day Parade where one of the hosts asked her the question, "What are you grateful for?"

She said excitedly on live TV: “HDB for giving me a BTO queue number! And Ya Kun kaya toast.”