Woman receives piece of cardboard after paying $32.86 for handbag on Shopee

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Stomp understands Shopee issued a refund to the buyer on July 21.

Original article:

It can be extremely disappointing when you are eagerly anticipating something you bought online, only to receive a piece of cardboard instead.

A Stomper told Stomp that she bought a handbag on Shopee recently for $32.86.

She placed the order on July 7 and was notified that her parcel was shipped the next day.

The app then informed her that her item had been delivered on July 19.

"I kena scammed in the Shopee Singapore app," she said.

"I purchased a bag through a seller who claimed to be from Vietnam.

"The seller did not inform me earlier that the product was unavailable.

"When I received the parcel, it was a piece of brown cardboard instead."

She then requested a refund and was told by the seller that her item was no longer available.

"Something is amiss if the seller takes too long to update the tracking order status in between the days as shown in the screenshot," she said