Why Malaysian man sold off beloved car for... RM10 cents

Kuan Chee Heng is a popular social activist, commonly known for his 10-cents initiatives in which he provides the poor with services and goods sold for only 10 cents.

In October 2016, Kuan helped connected a needy family to J Senthil Kumar, a stock analyst wanted to sell off his old Proton Iswara, reports the World of Buzz.

Kumar, who had gone to a used car dealer was told that it would fetch him about RM2,000.

Said Kumar:

“I didn’t sell the car after I asked a used car dealer that it would only fetch RM2,000. 

“Actually I was rather hesitant to sell it off as the 14-year-old car has seen me through college and has contributed much to my life.

“That was when I thought of donating it to someone else who would need it much more than me.”

A friend of his told Kumar about Kuan, whom he felt, would be able to find someone that needed the car the most. 

Kuan then subsequently introduced Kumar to the new owner of his car: a single mother, Rohaya Md Isa, who lost her husband about seven years ago while she was battling cancer.

When asked about how she felt upon receiving the car, she said:

“Before this, we only had a motorcycle which meant that we had to endure the rain and sun when we wanted to go anywhere.

"But now with the car, we can be more comfortable. 

“I didn’t know who was the donor until Kuan introduced us and I am very grateful and touched by his kindness. 

“I only just found out that he is a different race from us, he has such a good and kind heart to help our family. 

“Thank you so much.”

Before handing over the car, Kumar also serviced the car and change the battery, to ensure that it would be in good condition.

Said Kumar:

“It doesn’t matter if she is a Malay, I would still help those in need. 

“I only found out that it was a single mother who received it after looking through Kuan’s social media account.

“For me, if you have the intention to help others, you don’t have to look at the race or religion of the person in need. 

“Instead, it should be one human being offering help to another human being in need. 

“We should see other people as just humans, and not define them by their race, religion or beliefs. 

“I believe that our thinking and perception should change to be truly united as Malaysians.”

Kumar, who wanted to give his car away for free says that he now keeps the 10 cents payment he received as sentimental souvenir.