"My little hero": 4-year-old boy with severe speech problems calls for ambulance after finding mum unconscious

4-year-old Jacob Onions can only say a few words clearly, and has difficulty speaking in sentences. However, when he found his mother lying out cold on the kitchen floor on Jan 5 and failed to rouse her, he immediately dialed 999.

“Mummy is on the floor. Mummy has hurt herself. She isn’t talking,” Jacob told the call handler, Kelly Morgan.

An audio recording of the call revealed how Jacob responded to yes and no questions, and followed Kelly’s instructions to shake his mother until she came to.

With Jacob’s help, paramedics were able to quickly arrive at the family’s house in Telford, England, and transported Jacob’s mother to the hospital, reported Metro.com.uk.

Jacob’s mother, Gemma, said:

“Jacob is my little hero. I was so proud of him when I found out – he probably saved my life.”

The call handler, Kelly, said of Jacob:

“He acted very quickly and did exactly the right thing, which meant that we were able to get the right help to his mum. She must be very proud of him.

“Every now and then you take a call that gets to you, and this was one of them, and I must admit I shed a couple of tears afterwards.”