Cobra on the escalator at Star Vista: Watch how 'hero' catches it

A black-coloured cobra that found its way to The Star Vista at  around 8am on Apr 23 was caught by a man armed with a net at the base of an escalator in the mall.

Stomper Romzi sent Stomp a video of what happened.

Stomper Yusof who first alerted Stomp to the incident believes the man is a security staff at the mall who had just gotten off his shift. He had obtained the net from a cleaner.

In the video, the security officer who was clad in black can be seen trying to grab the head of the cobra.

The serpent avoided the his attempts to grab hold of it and even tried to bite him on several occasions in retaliation. 

The man however managed to evade the attacks.

After about one minute, he managed to pin the cobra's head on the floor.

The security officer then picked up the snake and placed it into the net he brought. 

Representatives from a pest control company then arrived thereafter and removed the snake from the mall.

The Star Vista is situated in an area surrounded by tall grass and relatively thick vegetation, which may be why the cobra found its way to the mall. 

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