Cool S'poreans band together to battle blaze at Geylang Bahru

Submitted by Stomper Chia

Stomper Chia was heartened to see Singaporeans working together to fight a fire at Geylang Bahru Block 69 yesterday (Jan 13) at 4pm.

The Stomper said the contents of a large bin at a carpark there had gone up in flames, and the huge blaze was letting off a thick column of smoke.

"The smoke rose ominously to the sky," said Chia.

However, the Stomper was pleasantly surprised to see people there band together to do different things to combat the fire.

Some called out to the motorbike and car owners to move their vehicles, while others informed the authorities.

Yet a few other people even connected a hose to spray water onto the flames.

Chia said the SCDF soon arrived and put out the fire.