Thai bartender batters English tourist's head with shoe after he refuses to pay full price for beer

A British couple were left battered and bruised in Pattaya, Thailand, last Thursday (Feb 16) after refusing to pay the full amount of their bill. 

According to PattayaOne and Coconuts, they were attacked by a female bartender after the Englishman, identified as 63-year-old David Alaw Lodge, refused to pay the full price of his beer, claiming he could get the beer cheaper at a convenience store.

The bartender, Rungnapha Pleumjai, 43, explained to the tourist that they were at a beer bar, and thus it was going to be more expensive. After the man adamantly refused to pay the full amount, she admitted to officials that she lost her temper and attacked them.

In a video of the incident, the bartender can be seen hitting the man in the face and head repeatedly. She continues to chase the couple as they flee the shop, launching punches and kicks at the man and yanking at the dress of the woman.

The incident left David with a bruised forehead and eye socket. 

Rungnapha was later arrested and charged for assault leading to injury of another person, after the British couple reported the incident to the police. 

Check out the video below.