Spoilt brat kicks mum repeatedly -- because she did not let him use phone

Chinese social media has been shaken by the video of a young boy throwing a tantrum and kicking his mother after she refused to let him use a smartphone.

In the 8-second video, the boy, who looks to be around 10 years old, kicks his mother a total of five times despite his grandmother’s efforts to stop him.

It is believed that the boy was angry as his mother had not allowed him to play with a smartphone.

Netizens have expressed their disdain at the boy’s actions, with many of them saying that parents need to be stricter with their children.

"It is the parents that are at fault here, not the child. They need to show the boy how to behave," commented one Weibo user via Shanghaiist.

Another comment read:

“It’s not good for children to have such tempers. Most of the time, these tantrums are habitual. The child needs a good smacking.”

Watch the video below.