Family and friends raise funds for Filipina woman suffering from lupus who lived and worked in Singapore

Submitted by Stomper Keith

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Stomper Keith wants to bring attention to his friend, Renalyn Dominguez's unfortunate situation.

Renalyn, also known as Rena to her friends, was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) in May last year and was recently hospitalised this year for gastrointestinal complications due to lupus.

The 33-year-old was confined to hospital for more than two weeks due to SLE flares, serositis and ascites where her bill reached almost 500,000 pesos ($14,000).

She was Keith's former colleague of four years at Groupon Singapore before she returned to the Philippines in August, 2016 due to her illness.

Said Keith:

"She could not work then due to her illness so she lost all her savings too."

When she was first diagnosed with lupus she suffered from severe joint pain and stiffness, swelling of her hands, feet and face caused by edema, hair loss, skin rashes, bloated stomach and involuntary weight loss.

Rena is known to be caring, loving and a positive person well-loved by her friends and family who appreciate any kindness and generosity extended to her.

To find out how to help Rena, click here.